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We are back!

One lesson from 2020

Hi there! It’s been a long time, right? Last post here was on May the 4th of 2020 (No Star Wars pun intended).

As it probably was for you, last year was a crazy ride for me.

Throughout these months I experienced many changes in my work at Free Now. One of the directions I went (and I am still going) was to work more closely to the developers, helping them to become better testers, making them better developers as by product.

The QA TechTalks channel invited me to talk for 5 minutes about this.

You can check the video here:

A look into 2021

At the beginning of April the blog will return as usual:

  • The weekly 5 Things to Read series;
  • Coding and tools tutorials (Good stuff on TDD, Design Patterns, and Kotlin coming…);
  • Book reviews and commented reading;
  • Discussions about the nature of testing and software quality

Additionally, probably starting from June/July, That’s A Bug will expand itself to video format, with a Youtube channel, discussing the topics we have in the blog, so the visual folks will be more satisfied. If you want to subscribe right now, you can click here.

Two final big changes coming as well are:

  • A proper logo (we need a face to put on swag :D);
  • Moving the blog from Jekyll to Wordpress, so we can have a more powerful basis where to build interactions and richer content.

If you want to follow everything as soon as it happens, you can subscribe the blog’s RSS feed or follow us on Twitter.

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