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  • The Way of Tester
    • Robert Day have a great post series reflecting on the A Book of Five Rings from a tester perspective. How 7 Samurai principles can be applied to testing? Check it out…
  • 5 Reasons you are wasting your testing time
  • When Will Ted By Done
    • Have you ever being asked about other’s people work? Asked to estimate other’s people work? Yes, me too….
  • 27 short advices for software testers
    • Following are my 5 favorites phrases:
      • “22. Report bugs even if they are not part of the tests you are currently performing.”
      • “26. Join code design reviews even if most of the meeting is a waste of time. Still, you can give a valuable contribution at certain points. Heuristic: When a flow presented point to an object and ask ‘what if that fails’.”
      • “7. Don’t be quick to answer questions about efforts even if you think people expect it from a pro like you. Sometimes small changes yield more tests than expected. Better start describing the tests needed and past experience, then estimate.”
      • “3. If you are professional, don’t limit yourself to tests. I surprised myself when I participated in design meetings and gave good points about general software architecture.”
      • “10. When you start working for a new company, and after adjusting, suggest the good thing you learned and are relevant to your new place, like test processes. I was always excited to hear how to improve our work.”
  • “Before You Log That Bug…”
    • Kristin Jackvony gives us some rules of thumb to improve the bug reports, in two parts: “Check for User Errors” and “Information for the Developer”.

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