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  • Refactoring the Coding Interview
    • Awesome talk discussing how to identify developers that can really impact positively your team. Do “Cracking the Code Interview” type of programming challenges reveal problem solvers?
  • My answer to “Code freeze implementation in #Scrum team?”
    • I bit of self-reference now :D. It was asked on the Software QA Stack Exchange site how to deal with “code freezes” for testing in teams that use Scrum. How does this concept integrates with agile mindset and the Scrum methodology?
  • Tests won’t make your software correct
    • If you verify that your software meets 100% requirements that do not satisfy user needs, is your software “correct”?
  • Testers: Get Out of the Quality Assurance Business
    • “We are waiting QA to give the green flag for the build” is a phrase that makes my spine shiver - see why.
  • FP vs. OO List Processing
    • Functional programming can be hard to understand, but when it clicks, it looks like poetry: Each line and function has is a clear step on its own, and they talk to each other smoothly to tell a story, processing data and returning data. Object-oriented programming brings the beauty in the interaction between objects, going up and down on business abstractions. Bob Martin shows this difference with a great explanation here.

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