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5 Things to Read

it's reading time
  • Anti-patterns - Christian Findlay
    • Christian questions the definition of anti-patterns, raising the issue of technical demonization of these practices (and deification of the patterns). Every problem is contextual and its solution as well - therefore, applying these solution to every similar situation can be problematic.
  • Divide & conquer à la BDD: story, rule, scenario - Gáspár
    • Gáspár shares another great and practical guide in how to extract BDD scenarios from a simple User Story title, by creating Rules and extracting Examples from them.
  • Scrum is fragile, not Agile - Dennis Weyland
    • I don’t agree completely with the view Dennis share here, but he raises important questions regarding how Scrum can be misused and go into contradiction to the Agile Manifesto.
  • Building a team path for quality - Bruce
    • Undeveloped Bruce shares a great story of how his team has driven the development of their project through retrospective, collective thinking, and user telemetry data.
  • Raw Graph
    • From Bruce’s post, I came to discover Raw Graph. AWESOME TOOL!

    Check it out:

    You pass data in a CSV format

Raw Graph Data

You choose the graph type you want

Raw Graph Type

And they plot a great graph using d3.js

Raw Graph Results

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