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30 Days of Automation

This text was written as an answer to the “30 Days of Automation in Testing” Challenge. Check it out in the Ministry of Testing forum.

Checkout other posts of the #30daysoftesting in this blog here.

Day 3: Explore “The Club” and Contribute

I’ve made some comments regarding automation microservices, acceptance criteria, and diff tools. Check it out here.

Day 4: What types of testing can automation support you with?

My answer considered a slightly different question: “How can automation support testing?”. Check it out here.

Day 5: Find, use and share your thoughts on a web UI testing tool

Some links regarding Ember.js tools to testing. Check it out here.

One comment in the thread of this day caught my attention: Mark (mwinteringham) make a comment regarding how often people use automation UI tools to test other parts of a system, such as the backend. He created a mnemonic called TuTTu (Testing the UI or Testing Through the UI). Check it out here

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