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  • Michael Bolton - Exploratory Testing an API
    • Last post of a 4-part series from Michael Bolton giving view on exploratory testing on API - specially important because many people see that APIs cannot be understood by exploration and learning. BIG MISTAKE!
  • Slow Software
    • As almost everything in life, “slow software” depends on the point-of-view. @inkandswitch explains the many ways users can perceive slowness on software. And if you think your product is fast because it beats most benchmarks, imagine how a 150ms delay would happen in real life.
  • Authentications in Postman
    • Pramod Dutta shares a reference list of how to authenticate using Postman - great cheatlist.
  • Disrupting work in Scrum
    • Product Owners bring new work in mid-sprint… never happened, right? Mark Levison shares three ways on dealing with this situation.
  • Top Browser Extensions For Testing Software
    • Stephen Janaway points out a very comprehensive list of Chrome and Firefox (which can be used on IceCat as well) extensions to help you to test faster and better.
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