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  • Front-End Micro Services
    • I guess this is the first text about micro services ideas in the frontend I’ve seen - although I have worked on a couple of sites that were composed by multiple independent small applications, using Java Applets and full of iframes (Welcome to Hell). Although I am sceptical on keeping a good User Experience when multiple teams work in a quasi-descentralized fashion on the frontend, micro services has proven over and over again to enable groups to work better. Let’s see if this idea on the frontend will spread out…
  • Project Team Roles and Responsibilities at Atomic Object
    • Although I don’t know anyone who works there, Atomic Object seem to be a great company. The “roles” are well-defined in their responsabilities, but the table and the message at the end of the post really put a smile on my face :D
  • Risk-based Testing
    • Good 35-min podcast about risks in software projects and how to discover and attack them.
  • Assert Your Style - Testing CSS in Ember Apps
    • I’ve tried to do some CSS checking on some Ember projects, but they were not as well-structured and well-thought as this approach from Simplabs. Worth reading regardless of working on Ember or other framework.
  • How to Reproduce a Bug
    • Kristin Jackvony always comes with great texts - talking about the foundations of testing and the basis of the craft. I have to confess I’ve fail into trying to reproduce bugs on a brute-force manner a couple of times in the last few years - I will re-read this post the next few times, in order to incorporated these ideas.


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