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5 Things to Read

it's reading time
  • Open Badges
    • Not a reading suggestion, but a link to an interesting iniciative: Open Badge is a system for recognition and skills achievement. Would this be the end of the traditional resumé?
  • How to make the best use of “Why?” Questions.
    • Alan Richardson discusses why and when he prefers to avoid “Why?” questions during short-term consulting gigs and how to turn them into more useful questions, such as “What?” and “When?” (Yes, I tried to use as many interrogative words as possible).
  • Hindsight lessons about exploration: The science of testing
    • Testers: Are you scientist or jungle explorers? Why not both? ;)
  • Test Interview Technocracy
    • Jeff Nyman talks about how the technical interviewer for testers is still a bit behind than the ones for developers - specially when we talk about automation in testing. I would not be so optimistic about the current status for developer interviews, but I agree that most testers technical interview miss the point and become a checklist for experience in certain tools. If your company is looking for some one to stay for 5+ years, pin point a person who will fit your company (and the industry) 5+ years from now: I.e., look for good principles, not simply tool skill.
  • Tyranny of the backlog
    • Are you afraid of removing things from the backlog? Are you afraid that your backlog will never be done? Is an item added to your backlog only after passing through some UX committee and high-fidelity mock-ups are approved by managers? Maybe you are thinking about it wrongly….

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