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5 Things to Read

it's reading time
  • Technical Skills
    • Ron Jeffries talks about technical skills and practices necessary for agile success that go beyond programming: Skills to deal with stories, change, understanding and more.
  • An audience with James Bach
    • I don’t know how this video has reach me just now :D Anyway, great 2 hour-long video with James Bach is always a good recommendation. Social competency x critical competence is a very interesting concept.
  • How NOT to hire a software engineer
    • A set of common mistakes that companies do over and over again and that go uncriticized because their effects just appear months after the fact.
  • No information to test?
    • Micheal Bolton dissects a manifold of ways, many “nontraditional”, to find information to perform better testing.
  • 6 Mistakes Scrum Masters Should Avoid, and Their Remedies
    • “The team members are not only the scrum master’s workers but also their partners.”

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