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5 Things to Read

it's reading time
  • Making Architecture Matter
    • This video from Martin Fowler is quite old (2014), but I ended always coming back to it. It talks about (software) architecture in ways that you probably haven’t seen: Architecture is subjective and the goal is communication.
  • Presentation 2.0: Five ways to engage your audience! with Koffi Alain Sessi
    • Communication is essential (it is what is happening right now when you reading these words!). Koffi Alain Sessi gives us great tips in how to improve our presentations. Even if you don’t want to talk in stages, I think you can use these ways to improve communication even in the simplest situation.
  • Will number of bugs and number of tests KPIs improve quality?
    • Metrics are, as any tool, the solution and the problem. Number of bugs or number of tests are commonly used to track progress in testing. Kate Paulk shows the many problems we can have when adopting them.
  • How to deal with or prevent idle in the test team?
    • Another question from the StackExchange QA and Testing forum. The link goes directly to my answer, which got some traction :D
  • Clean up bad BDD scenarios
    • BDD is awesome. Refatoring is awesome. Thus I said: Refactoring BDD scenarios is awesome. Gáspár Nagy, the guy behind BDD Addict Newsletter, presents six principles for great BDD scenarios (B.R.I.E.F.) and how to refactor a problematic scenario (probably similar to the ones most of us write) using each principle.

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