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Yes, we are open

Hi there!

As said before, Tha’s a Bug would be in a hiatus until September.

Well… September is here :D

The blog went through a major change in layout, adding new features powered by the awesome Jekyll theme Minimal Mistakes.

Now we will have a dark theme, for better reading of long texts.

Right on the top you can find a link to vote for the post on Hacker News (which really helps to spread the word).

On the left, you can see links to for my social networks. Also you can see a table of contents, which allows a glimpse of the post and fast navigation.

New features 1

Another major feature is search throughout the whole site. Note: Some links may be broken, because the way Minimal Mistakes create links is different. I’ve fixed most, I probably missed some. You can use the search to find the missing resource. If you can not find it, email me at joao@thatsabug.com.

New features 2

Last but not least, we have a comment section, powered by Disqu.

I hope to see a lot of interaction here :D

New features 3



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